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What is Sun Damage?

There’s no denying that the people of New Jersey love the sun! Whether we’re catching some rays in
the backyards of our homes or relaxing down the shore, we take advantage of whatever good weather
comes our way. However, while the sunshine is wonderful, it can also be incredibly damaging. Even if
we’re vigilant about applying sunscreen and take common-sense measures like wearing hats and long
sleeves to protect us, a lifetime of sun exposure will leave its mark on our skin.
Family Medicine & Dentistry of East Brunswick is here to help. We offer sun damage treatment using
our ADVATx skin laser. The laser can treat a wide range of common sun-related skin concerns. With no needles, no numbing, and no downtime, treatment is fast and convenient. Best of all, we can complete treatment year-round, and it’s safe for all skin types.

Contact us TODAY to treat your Sun Damage

Our team would be happy to explain the particulars of our sun damage treatment protocol to you. Tell
us your concerns, and we can explain how our ADVATx skin laser can help address them. We can fix
issues like
hyperpigmentation as well as other forms of sun damage.
We’re ready and willing to provide treatment once you’re ready to get it! Let’s start things off on the
right foot w
ith a free consultation. During your consultation, we can explain the risks and the many
benefits of our
sun damage treatment as well as explain what results you can expect. We’ve helped
many patients throughout Somerset, NJ; East Brunswick, NJ; and the surrounding areas, so what are you
waiting for? Call us today to request a free consultation for
sun damage treatment!

Don’t live any longer with sun damaged skin! Book your free consultation today.

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