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A thorough routine exam by Dr. Ami includes evaluating the teeth, gums, tongue, surrounding tissues, jaw, and neck area to help prevent and or detect any dental problems that may arise. 

Digital X-rays

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Digital X-rays not only expose patients to less radiation compared to traditional x-rays, but also provides clearer dental photos to help diagnose and treatment plan as well as saves time. 

CBCT (3D X-ray)

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A 3D Cone Beam CT allows Dr. Ami to see the mouth in a three dimensional view; allowing her to make a diagnosis as accurate as it has ever been in the dental world. This 3D X-ray can help identify potential fractures, infections, and other complications that standard radiographs simply cannot. 


Dental Cleaning

Cleanings remove plaque and calculus, also known as tartar, buildup. This buildup is composed of dangerous bacteria that can cause cavities, gum recession, and bone loss. Dr. Ami also  advices on how to lessen the tartar buildup and help keep your smile healthy, clean and beautiful.


At the Dentist

Fillings are needed to patch the holes in our teeth that develop from cavities. Dr. Ami provides tooth colored (composite) fillings, fillings that release fluoride (glass ionomer) to help keep your teeth strong, as well as silver (amalgam) fillings that can be more cost effective. All are great options to help a decayed tooth turn into a healthy tooth that is whole again.


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A great way to provide not only protection to our teeth, but also a beautiful smile. These are ceramic glass made caps that cover a portion of the tooth. They are typically recommended to help keep the tooth healthy and strong and/or help fill up a missing tooth space all while providing the dream smile.

Implant Crowns

Root Canal

Implants are titanium screws that are placed in our bone to replace a missing or decayed tooth. Dr. Ami helps restore her patients' smiles with implant crowns that can help in chewing, provide more comfort, and of course build more confident smiles, 

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canals are typically performed when the tooth is either causing pain or causing an infection. A root canal procedure entails cleaning the tooth from the top to the very end of the roots to remove all of the bad bacteria present inside. Once completely cleaned, the tooth is refilled with material to help keep the tooth healthy and strong again.

Tooth Extractions

Fallen Tooths

An extraction is the process of pulling a tooth. A tooth typically needs to be pulled if it is not in the correct location, needed for orthodontics, causing pain, or causing an infection.

Full/Partial Dentures

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Full or partial dentures are removable plates of teeth that can help restore the patient's smile. Dentures can be a more affordable option at times. Dr. Ami strives to provide all of her patients the smile they desire, and dentures can be one way to achieve it. 


Image by Ozkan Guner

A nightguard is a removable appliance to help stabilize the jaw. It is typically recommended for patients who may grind and/or clench at night. These patients tend to wake up with achy facial muscles, ear pain, lower jaw pain, and possible neck and/or upper back pain. If you have these symptoms, please call at 732-487-3210, and make an appointment with us before things get worse.  

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Come see Dr. Ami and she can help explain the different teeth whitening options available to you. Teeth whitening may cause some sensitivity to your teeth, but otherwise is a great option to help give you the bright white smile you have always wanted. 


In this section, we have included some useful resources to enhance patient knowledge and share some findings from the dental field. Take a look at the various articles below and feel free to bookmark them for later use.

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