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Acne Treatments for East Brunswick, Somerset, NJ & Beyond

What is Acne?

Acne is an inflammatory disorder of the skin that typically develops due to excess or high production of oil in the pores, buildup of dead skin in the pores, or growth of bacteria in the pores. Acne can be very difficult to handle, can cause insecurities to our mental health, and can cause scars on the skin if not handled correctly. 

Family Medicine & Dentistry of East Brunswick is here to help. We are proud to provide acne
treatment to patients in Somerset, NJ; East Brunswick, NJ; and the surrounding areas. Our office is
equipped with the ADVATx skin laser, which allows us to eliminate redness and inflammation in the skin as well as help toning and tightening the skin. Our skin laser can provide fast acne treatment with minimal downtime for patients. Many of our patients experience great results, and you can too!

Types of Acne

Fungal Acne

This type of acne happens when yeast builds up in the hair follicles. This can cause itchiness and inflammation.


Cystic Acne

Typically, cystic acne looks like deep pus-filled pimples and nodules. Without proper acne treatment, it can lead to scarring.


Hormonal Acne

Oftentimes, this type of acne is most common in adults. It happens when an overproduction of sebum clogs the pores.


Nodular Acne

Nodular acne is one of the most severe forms, as it causes pimples on the surface of the skin, as well as nodular lumps underneath the skin.


Everyone is different, meaning an acne treatment that works for one person – may not work for someone else. Without proper care, cystic and nodular acne can cause permanent skin damage. While having any type of skin condition can be very frustrating, our acne treatment specialist is here to help.

Contact us TODAY to treat your Acne

We understand how important the appearance of your skin is, which is why we offer convenient
acne treatment.

Thanks to the ADVATx skin laser, we treat acne without numbing or needles. Treatment usually involves minimal to no downtime and is safe for all skin types.

Typically, you can
come in, get treatment, and be back to your normal activities as soon as your session is done.
Let us tell you more about the risks and the many benefits of our
acne treatment. Our team has
treated many patients throughout Somerset, NJ; East Brunswick, NJ; and the surrounding areas, and
we’re eager to treat you too. Get the facts and decide if
acne treatment is right for you when you
book a free consultation today!


Don’t live any longer with Acne! Book your free consultation today.

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